sully sullivan i can feel you all around me thickening the air im breathing holding onto what im feeling savoring this heart thats healing this fire rising through my being burning I'm not used to seeing you


I just like the sun, I guess. [Gives a carefree shrug] Besides, a lot of people generally feel happier when the weather is nice.

-a small smile curves on her lips, and she nods, considering that as she pulls her jacket closer around her- You have a point. This was the wrong place to come if you wanted good weather, though. 

i havent been around because

ah well i have no excuse i cant juggle blogs i guess???

also school


if anyone actually wants to rp or u wannac hat hmu

and if i dont respond text me

and im like always in chatzy still

 i miss you guys



Who, me? Oh, yeah, I’m fine. [Nods her way, shooting her a reassuring look] The bad weather is a little upsetting, though.

-smiles a little, as if charmed or amused by this- What do you mean? 


-nods, completely agreeing with her- Somethin’ new, something exciting. No more of those boring shops and crowded bars. Not that ours won’t be crowded. Just exciting.

Hopefully crowded, right? -smiles a bit of a wider smile, vicariously looking forward to it- I’m sure it’ll go over really well, though. 


-gives her a small smile, one that just barely shows off a portion of his teeth, and he reaches over, taking her hand. he squeezes it gently, not meaning to come off like he knows that she’s upset, but he probably does, and assures her- You’ll find something. I know you will.

-is certainly a bit surprised by the motion, but she doesn’t reject it; in fact, she welcomes it. regardless of whether or not she knows he knows, it feels nice to be comforted a little. she supposes if it was what she wanted overall, she would tell people, but she can’t handle it, the piteous look in their eye. but this… this is better. its genuine. and she appreciates it- Thank you, Pacific… I sure hope so. 

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[Looks around curiously with her, experiencing a mild culture shock. He hasn’t really gotten to see many of the non-magical aspects of the UK, and he’s feeling a bit disappointed with the cloudy weather again] 

-looks at him after a moment, recognizing the curious look on his face, and rallies with an amused look of her own- You alright? 


-has been there before, to the ends and darkest pits of depression… so he can see it, regardless of how much she tries to cover it up with smiles, but he doesn’t ask because, like Jet, he knows when not to- Where do you think you’ll end up working? 

-that’s pretty fair, especially seeing as the usual ball of sunshine hasn’t had much practice with the whole pretending she’s okay thing anyway, so she’s probably not very convincing in the first place- Um, I don’t know. I guess I’m waiting for opportunities to come find me. I haven’t been very proactive about the whole job search thing… 


[is well aware of the fact that he’s now ruined the mood, and an awkward heaviness weighs down the air surrounding them as he weakly tries to salvage it.] So… Where are we headed now?

-is really not much for bad moods if she can help them these days, or should she say, worse moods. so she’s all for resurrecting the atmosphere- I dunno. The shops are closed, but I’m sure there’s still something interesting to the town…